4 Top Free Apps for Caregivers

1. Unfrazzle

Free for iPhone and iPad

Unfrazzle is a new app (launched in May 2013) that is meant to ease caregivers’ lives. It allows caregivers to track a customizable list of variables like mood, weight, and medications. It also allows users to coordinate care responsibilities with others in their care networks. It is extremely flexible and makes no assumptions, allowing users to define their own important tasks.

2. CareZone

Free for iPhone, iPad, Android

CareZone is designed for caregivers who want to track medications and coordinate responsibilities with others using shared calendar and journal functions. The other caregivers with whom you share information can add or edit information giving you a complete idea of the care your loved one is receiving. Another great feature is the “CareZone Broadcast.” This allows users to send a voice message to 100 people and reports on who received it. As a complement a professionals on mental health are also part of carezone, click here for more about phycology resources.

3. CarePartners Mobile

Free for iPhone and Android

CarePartners Mobile allows users to easily share and coordinate responsibilities among a team of caregivers. Tasks can be assigned to various individuals on the team and synced into the phone’s calendar to receive reminders. The app lets caregivers see exactly who has done what task so they can better allocate their time with their loved ones.

4. iBiomed

Free for iPhone and iPad

iBiomed is used by caregivers to help manage more complex responsibilities. The app allows users to simplify record keeping among multiple doctors, medications, or medical diagnoses. It makes for more efficient records sharing and management. It can track current medications, pharmaceutical supplies, medical tests, diets and supplements, and can record notes on daily condition.

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