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The Case for Passive Detection Devices

Many companies wanting to get into the aging-at-home monitoring space make the mistake of relying solely on passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors and wearable personal emergency response systems, such as call pendants, to provide room presence detection and patient safety … Read more >>

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Warning Signs of Incontinence

Accidental leakage can be an embarrassing issue. Incontinence is even worse. More than 51% of people over 65 years old are affected and are left at a loss of how to rectify the problem. Significant changes in your urinary habits, … Read more >>

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Telehealth¬†Sensors¬†is dedicated to making it easy for caregivers to stay connected with loved ones by advancing and improving age in place technology. We want this blog to be a place for you to share stories about your caregiving experiences and … Read more >>

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