Recently Published Findings Say ABS Is “The Most Accurate” For Bed Exit Detection

Recently published findings from a study on consumer-grade bed sensors and their ability to detect when an occupant exits a double-occupied bed found that compared to 2 other popular brands of bed sensors, our Adaptive Bed Sensor provided “the most accurate measurement of bed exit/entry with only a single error over 54 nights of testing” [1]. Our Adaptive Bed Sensor’s exceptional exit-event detection ability makes it a must-have device in any aging in place monitoring system. To learn more, follow the link to the publication below.

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[1] B. Wallace, F. Knoefel, R. Goubran, J. Kaye, and N. Thomas, ‘Comparison of Bed-Sensors for Nocturnal Behaviour Assessment,’  in 12th Intern. Conf. eHealth, Valencia, Spain, 21-25 Nov. 2020., pp. 147-153.

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